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Holy Week, Holy Hunger

The redwing blackbird showed up at the birdfeeder today.  Arriving too soon in a johnny come lately spring, he is hungry and cries like a baby just outside the sill.  Soon enough, spring will arrive and turn out her deep … Continue reading

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What You Won’t Find in the News

You will hear many things in the news this evening.  What Trump has done now.  The harrowing tightrope the world is walking with North Korea. How many preventable highway deaths happened this Labor Day Weekend and how many involved drug … Continue reading

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Why We Sing

My father’s theme song could have been “How can I keep from Singing?” He was completely tone deaf and had no musical background whatsoever. He sang in church. . No matter what. As I became more musically erudite, his rumbling … Continue reading

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Prone to wander…

I have been Missing in Action when it comes to blogging the last several months. I have been–and still am–wandering on purpose. Every morning I wander around the latest place I have moved. I look for needles in haystacks, a … Continue reading

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The Magic Hat

Merry Christmas friends.  As last Epiphany I gave you Two Guys and a Gal, I give you this short story for Christmas this year.  It all began with grief over a lost Tilley hat……   Justin was at that uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Report from And

Earlier this month, I preached a sermon somewhat related to the post “The Queen of But.”  I stepped down from my throne and became intentional about living in the uncertain land of And.  On my last Sunday at St Matt’s, … Continue reading

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Beating Dragons

Fairytales don’t tell children that dragons exist.  Children already know that dragons exist.  Fairytales tell them dragons can be beaten. – (paraphrased quote from G.K. Chesterton) Many have lauded and condemned the video of the father and 4 year old in … Continue reading

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Not all who wander are lost….really.

I am about to set out again, not knowing entirely where I’m going but trusting that God’s hand is taking….er…..dragging me there.  This Sunday will be my last worship with the good people of St. Matthew Darrtown and St. Peter … Continue reading

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Queen of But

My options are limited.  That was what the lady at the wig shop said to me after she measured my head before I lost my hair to chemo.  My head is too big.  My options are limited.  I couldn’t believe … Continue reading

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Greetings, Salutations and the Force be with you!

Wilbur jumped to his feet.  “Salu-what?” “Salutations!”  repeated the voice. What are they and where are you? screamed Wilbur. Please, please tell me where you are.  And what are salutations? “Salutations are greetings,” said the voice.  “When I say ‘salutations’ … Continue reading

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