Deep Gladness

The taste of the first sweetest corn The first cherry in 40 years and I am a newborn
DSCN1210 chicory

The blue of chicory blooming among Queen Anne’s Lace/ Unbothered by traffic rushing by


Unheeding dangerous Tiger Lilies running wild at its feet.


Unconcerned the llama’s neck stretches unexpectedly Protectively Above the grazing sheep


Daughter’s emerging voice rings a note so perfectly true I have to stop as it flew

Swatted away by an embarassed hand that caught me

Paying attention


Humming to myself

I draw a new thought

catch a glimpse of my handsome son dandling

someone’s baby

a fleeting intimation of  the man  and father he will become


juices pouring down to elbows

Slurping noises absorb the silence 


Consume it

Devour it

Lick hands and wrists

Heck, elbows if so inclined

Leave propriety to drop to the floor

With seeds spit in harmless reckless war.

Yes please,

I will have another.


About Pastor Betsy Williams

I am a mom. And a wife. And a Friend. And a homeowner. And a dog ...uh....owner? Actually make that two dogs. Two kids. One husband. I'm an ELCA Lutheran pastor of a beautiful downtown church. I am the third senior pastor in a century, so my 10-12 years here may feel like an interim to some of the folks here. Recently I have had no spare time. In my spare time in the future, my imagination inhabits a novel I am writing, The Funeral Preacher. My primary blog is a personal reflection on the Revised Common Lectionary...mostly: "Not All Who Wander are Lost." A few years ago I was on a team of writers who produced a little book for Augsburg Fortress in the Washed and Welcome series called "Living the Promises." It's 101 ideas for helping parents and godparents nurture their children in the faith of their baptism. I am developing another blog, more about worship at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Newark, Ohio and including a summary of the past week's preaching. Otherwise, I imagine myself to be a musician, liturgical artist, cook in a five star restaurant where the patrons keep ordering chicken nuggets, but never a bottle washer. I know how to delegate and share.
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One Response to Deep Gladness

  1. Shirley Willey says:

    Thank you for this. I really enjoyed reading it. You are a gifted writer! I finally had to give up our 20 some year fridge, and bought a new fridge. Why did it wait until Jim was called home, by the father of us all. New fridge had to go in an area that was decided in 1968. Did I measure, NO, just ordered it. Never considered that it could be a big problem. New fridge fit, old fridge was taken away. Life is good! Looking forward to your posts.

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